Let's Play Tennis!

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Pravesh Mahabeer 
International Professional Tennis Coach & Exhibition Player 

E-Mail: info@tennis-pravesh.at

 Let's play

In life, just like in Tennis: Fairness motivates, effort wins, fun triumphs.

Let's start

How about playing tennis? To begin with you have to figure out if you enjoy this kind of activity. If you do, then it's essential to learn and exercise the basics and decide for a systematic training.

Tennis training for kids
Fun and exercise
Playful training
Individual programs according to age and playing ability
Single or group lessons

Let's continue

By playing tennis teenagers can develop their talents and individual personalities. The training focuses on combining fun and concentration.
Youth tennis training
For beginners and advanced learners
Varied and fun lessons
Individual training and methodology
Professional preparation for matches and tournaments

Let's enjoy

For those who enjoy playing tennis in their spare time. Tennis is supposed to be fun and make you feel fit and energetic for your daily life.

Hobby training (for beginners and advanced learners)
Single and group lessons
Tandem training
Individual concepts

Let's achieve

Do you want to achieve your tennis goals? Champions always have to earn their success. Besides enthusiasm and effort it takes careful preparation.

Training for Tournament players
Support and mentoring during tournaments
Drill training
Providing individual fitness plans
Mental training

Let's get together

Enjoy your success with a team. Experience, practice and team spirit.

Tennis camps
For children and adults
Domestic and international
Intensive training sessions and final tournaments

Let's be active
Stay in shape: Company employees can increase their motivation and creativity by participating in exciting tennis sessions.
Tennis for companies
Training sessions for employees
Increasing the motivation and fitness of employees
Organization of company tournaments
Exhibition matches

After Work Tennis for people who are keen on sports and who want to increase their energy with Power Tennis or Relax Tennis

Improve your stamina and exercise with Match Tennis or Fitness Tennis.